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“The condition flared up and I was covered from head to toe. My skin was red, dry and raw. “People were uncomfortable being near me. I was distraught because appearance is so important when you’re a dancer. Read Sarah's article from the Daily Express, just click on the link: http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/282346/Psoriasis-almost-finished-my-dance-career Sarah Lewis                           At last, soeomne comes up with the "right" answer! Tomy                           Its worked for Eczema and I will be using Deep Skin Cleanser long term from now on. its a really good product. Tom aged 18. Tom                           I am writing this review for my Grandson William Lawrence now aged 2 years. He was born with horrible itchy skin sores… Eczema and his doctor had tried various forms of treatment with very little or no success. We were introduced to this magic cream from Skinkind and 2 weeks later no more eczema no more itching completely vanished. 10 months later still no sign of returning. Steve                           HAVING USED SKINKIND PRODUCTS FOR THE LAST 6 MTHS, I ORDERED THE DEODORANT STICK TO COMPLIMENT THE USE OF OTHER "SKINKIND" PRODUCTS, AND AS ALWAYS I AM TOTALLY HAPPY WITH THE RESULTS ACHIEVED. WITH HONESTY I CAN SAY THAT I AM NOW USING TOTALLY NATURAL PRODUCTS FOR THE CARE OF MY SKIN AND BOTH VISUALLY AND MENTALLY I CAN FEEL AND SEE THE RESULTS. MANY THANKS TO ALL AT SKINKIND FOR YOUR HELP AND SUPPORT. I WOULD LIKE TO WISH ALL AT SKINKIND EVERY SUCCESS FOR THE FUTURE. LOVE ALISON XX ALISON                           having had eczema since being 5 months old, you just learn to live with it and it can be a pain in the rear, since using Skinkinds deep skin cleanser my skin is so much more manageable. After washing with it I can feel that it leaves my skin feeling softer & less tight. The instructions for use and the top tips on the website were really helpful & to be quite honest, so simple. I wish my doctor had taken the time to explain that small changes in managing my skin could make such a BIG difference. Give it a try, at least its a healthier alternative steroids rusty                           I think over the past 7-8 years of dealing with psoriasis, this is definitely one of the BEST products I have used, I have scalp psoriasis and I constantly fear that the cream I put on is visible as the last one I tried was green! This is white but clear when applied, you can take it anywhere with you and it isn't too thick! I definitely recommend this product to anyone with psoriasis, it has an unbelievable cooling effect and stops the itchy-ness straight away!! Amy                           Hi I have been using the deodorant stick for the past three months and it works perfectly well for me. I started using this Skinkind product after having very positive results with the products for the treatment of psoriasis that Skinkind have available. After using the deodorant stick i have no more red skin or irritation and have the reassurance that their are no solvents or propellents used in this product. Thanks once again Skinkind Alison ALI                           My name is Alison Lowe, and I have suffered from psoriasis for the past twenty years, and have tried various medications from the doctor and none of them have worked. Since using the deep skin cleanser I have found that the itching and scaly skin are starting to disappear. This is helping me slowly to rebuild my confidence and I can't thank you enough. I would recommend this to any one who suffers from Psoriasis. Ali                           I work outdoors all the time, ans was suffering from dry cracked skin. After I used Shinkinds cleanser a few times my skin fell a whole lot softer and more comfortable. Now I only use it occasionally. M. Skipton Marty                           I managed to get this on prescription from my Dr after trying and falling in love with a free sample. The scent of the product is just gorgeous. It smells like something you would buy from Clarins. I really enjoy using it, though the Dr said it's a bit pricey for the NHS! Michele                           hi i have hereditary psoriasis since my teens i have used everything from herbal to prescribed medication, puva treatment and tar baths,nothing has worked. i tried this just to check it out and i have to say i am very impressed my scaling was gone and i found it wasn't as aggressive looking and it didn't itch. i would recommend these products and have to my family. try it you may be very surprised like i was shirley182                           I have had dry, dead patches of skin on my fingers for several years, which seem to vary from one season to the next. At their worst they crack and bleed and it becomes very difficult to actually do anything without pain and hassle. This is also very awkward when using mouse and keyboard which I need to do for my job - Software Engineer. I have had many different prescriptions in the past, and have tried to steer clear of steroids as I have heard they make things worse in the long run. Finally, with Deep Skin Cleanser I have found something that keeps the problem at bay. I always wash with it now even at work, and mositurise immediately afterwards with "Aveeno" which I have found to be the best thing combined with the SkinKind product. The SkinKind people have lots of good advice on lifestyle self-help : the best advice I received was to wash in body temperature water, because if the water is too hot it removes all the natural oils from your skin. I noticed a difference in the way my skin felt after washing when I started doing that ; I no longer felt the need to scratch later on. Martin                           My name is Darren Williams, and I have tried the deep skin cleanser for my psoriasis, and found that this product worked well in stopping my psoriasis flarring up. I also found it stopped it itching as much, and took away all the scally skin. I must be honest and say I have tried all sorts off medication and creams from my gp {doctor} and none of them worked at all even though I tried these products for weeks. I would recommend this product to anyone who suffers with psoriasis as from what I have seen from the results is outstanding. Daz                           I have struggled with painful dry patches of cracked skin on various parts of my hands for the past three years. My hands would crack and split without warning, my finger tips were lacerated with bleeding cracks and be really painful. I had tried numerous products recommended by experts and friends but nothing seemed to clear them up. I have been using Skin Kind's Deep Skin Cleanser and Unique Skin Moisturiser for just over 2 weeks and my hands have completely healed up. I am so pleased to have normal hands again - I can now type this review without having to put plasters on my finger ends. Joanna                           I got Psoriasis after my baby was born, my doctor said it was with stress. After using this cleanser, I couldn't believe that I had had such a good result in such a short space of time. I've been using it for 3 years now and only need to wash with it every other day. What a relief its been to find something that keeps my psoriasis under control Hans                           ive been using skin kind for 3 months now and i suffered with eczema marks , using this product has helped fade the marks away. I suffered alot from psoriasis and nothing worked but this cleared the marks brilliantly. Its a good product smells lovely and easy to use Ammara                           A colleague at work was kind enough to get two tester pots of these products for me to try. I am in my early 60's and for over a year have been suffering with acne rosacea problems on my face. My GP prescribed a low dose antibiotic to be taken for several months - I wasn't prepared to take antibiotics for that length of time. I have used the deep skin cleanser and deep skin moisturiser for a few weeks and have noticed a small but definite improvement in my skin. The existing spots are fading and I have had less new eruptions than previously. I am encouraged enough to continue with the products but will have to fund them myself. My GP is not keen to prescribe them due to cost to NHS! Thank you very much Skin Kind. Kath                           

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